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Third album - recorded by The Jimi Hendrix Experience. This album is the true gem of Hendrix' genius. No doubt that this album will remain in musical history as a landmark of musical recordings. Electric ladyland is the fourth album in his career (when we count Smash Hits) and is a total change in the sense of songwriting. His songs are longer and the album is more jazz-oriented. The Jimi Hendrix Experience originally started the recordings in London in 1968 but soon moved the recordings to the Record Plant in New York. In New York Jimi broke up with Chas Chandler, Chas was apparently still focussed on releasing 3-minute hits for the charts, while Jimi was much more artistically pursuing the music in his head. This breakup however meant that Jimi and his engineer Eddie Kramer had total freedom in mixing, overdubbing and discovering new recording tricks using the latest equipment available. Eventually the tiresome recording sessions were also getting too much for Noel Redding who soon also left the band. Before the legendary / infamous 'ladies' cover was released a mail-order version of two-sides of Electric Ladyland appeared on the market. This album was quickly retrieved and is now a highly sought after collectible, the name of this release is "Electric Jimi Hendrix". The first-pressing of this album was released with blue-text and large sepia photographs of Noel and Mitch on the innersleeve. Later editions of the album featured smaller photographs and white text.

Electric ladyland

Jimi Hendrix Experience, Electric ladyland

Artist / Band

Jimi Hendrix Experience


production date: 1968-01-01
country: GB


produced by: James Marshall (Jimi) Hendrix
engineered by: Eddie Kramer