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After The Jimi Hendrix Experience had fallen apart Jimi was looking for a band in which he found friendship and could put in more soul. He contacted his former paratrooper buddy bass player Billy Cox and long last friend the drummer Buddy Miles to form a power trio which they called the Band Of Gypsys. The band recorded one album which is this live recording recorded at New Years eve 1969/1970 and New Years day. The recording was the result of 1965 contract Hendrix had signed before he made his fame in the UK. In order to get out of this contract it was agreed that Hendrix would deliver one album, they decided to "give" them this live-recording. Most noticeable on this recording is the tightness of the band and the professional and focussed playing of Hendrix. Hearing machine-gun played on this album will give anybody the shivers. Next to machine-gun very soulfull songs are on the album as well, fine example of this is the funky "Who Knows".

Band of gypsys

Band of gypsys, Band of gypsys

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Band of gypsys


production date: 1970-01-01
country: USA


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