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The Cry Of Love, release: 2408101

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JIMI HENDRIX The Cry of Love SCARCE ORIG UK 1971 EX TRACK LP, PLAYS LOVELY., thumbnail_release89_202696568974.jpg
USD 17.74 auction24586
Jimi Hendrix ‎– The Cry Of Love VINYL, thumbnail_release89_333221985164.jpg
USD 10.77 auction24591
Jimi Hendrix ‎– The Cry Of Love VINYL, thumbnail_release89_332995904725.jpg
USD 15.75 auction24363
Jimi Hendrix ‎– The Cry Of Love VINYL, thumbnail_release89_332954503112.jpg
USD 15.79 auction24309
Jimi Hendrix - The Cry Of Love - Original Gatefold Vinyl LP - Track 2408101, thumbnail_release89_142878536254.jpg
USD 17.1 auction24142
Jimi Hendrix ‎– The Cry Of Love  Vinyl LP Stereo G/Fold Track A1/B1, thumbnail_release89_122986812887.jpg
USD 11.02 auction23881
Jimi Hendrix "The Cry Of Love" Vinyl  1971 2408101 Track Records, thumbnail_release89_122650685046.jpg
USD 12.86 auction23042
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JIMI HENDRIX Cry of Love RARER Orig UK 71 Track N/M LP, thumbnail_release89_190571147715.jpg
USD 651.7 auction2972
JIMI HENDRIX The Cry Of Love 1971 UK TRACK 1st PRESS Nr MINT, thumbnail_release89_310678070109.jpg
USD 122.76 auction8583
Jimi Hendrix THE CRY OF LOVE UK LP 1ST PRESS TRACK A1/B1 2-3 PLAYS MINT MINUS!!!, thumbnail_release89_231107535484.jpg
USD 103.02 auction11634
JIMI HENDRIX Cry of Love RARER ORIG UK Track 71 EX+ EXAMPLE., thumbnail_release89_200947582157.jpg
USD 96.22 auction9533
JIMI HENDRIX The Cry Of Love UK 1stPress Gatefold Vinyl LP 1971 TRACK 2408101 EX, thumbnail_release89_290934823025.jpg
USD 43.98 auction8891
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JIMI HENDRIX cry of love UK TRACK 2408101, thumbnail_release89_230623313465.jpg
USD 126.45 auction1559
JIMI HENDRIX:The Cry Of Love 1971 LP A/1,B/1 2408101 EX, thumbnail_release89_110704379354.jpg
USD 30.6 auction2039
JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE LP G/F SL'THE CRY OF LOVE' 1971, thumbnail_release89_150622963273.jpg
USD 16.53 auction2127
Jimi Hendrix  CRY OF LOVE  Lp foc  auf Track   von 1971, thumbnail_release89_170658729374.jpg
USD 14.92 auction2131
USD 32.39 auction2645
JIMI HENDRIX-ELECTRIC LADYLAND JAPAN UNIQUE 2 LP 1969, thumbnail_release89_230660320495.jpg
USD 48.6 auction2757
JIMI HENDRIX-THE CRY OF LOVE UK ON TRACK rec 1971, thumbnail_release89_230660679463.jpg
USD 24.29 auction2779
Jimi Hendrix - The cry of love UK 1971 12" LP, thumbnail_release89_300588617934.jpg
USD 4.26 auction2812
JIMI HENDRIX - THE CRY OF LOVE LP - EXC+ A1/B1mtrx UK, thumbnail_release89_120735927771.jpg
USD 21.0 auction1918
JIMI HENDRIX ORIGINAL UK LP FROM 1971 NMINT, thumbnail_release89_130532517698.jpg
USD 28.19 auction1934
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Track - 2408101

The Cry Of Love

The Cry Of Love, track 2408101_front.png
The Cry Of Love, track 2408101_back.png

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
Track 2408101

General info

Date released: 1971
Country released: GB
Release type: LP (12")

Value indication

last updated:
63 auction(s)
27 sale(s)
popularity: 43%

$ 651.70 max value
$ 1.00 min value
$ 52.93 avg value


Publisher: Track
Cover design: