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Axis: Bold As Love, release: R 6281

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The Jimi Hendrix Experience ‎– Axis: Bold As Love,PL,Vinyl 1971  r-6281, thumbnail_release88_192439732059.jpg
USD 18.99 auction23767
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LP Album/The Jimi Hendrix Experience-Axis: Bold As Love/Reprise-Mono-#R 6281, thumbnail_release88_251447168287.jpg
USD 2025.0 auction12707
JIMI HENDRIX AXIS BOLD AS LOVE Rare Canada MONO 1968 Acid Garage Fuzz Psych, thumbnail_release88_321183872469.jpg
USD 202.5 auction9711
JIMI HENDRIX AXIS: BOLD AS LOVE Ultra Rare 1968 MONO Psych Original LISTEN, thumbnail_release88_260891758810.jpg
USD 116.5 auction4042
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Axis: Bold As Love LP 1968 (R 6281), thumbnail_release88_251330206924.jpg
USD 44.0 auction9913
USD 36.0 auction12599
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Extremely Rare! Jimi Hendrix-Axis:Bold as Love 1968MONO, thumbnail_release88_200604679972.jpg
USD 1200.0 auction1183
Jimi Hendrix Axis Bold Love LP RARE TRI COLOR, thumbnail_release88_220815563860.jpg
USD 4.7 auction2347
Jimi Hendrix Experience Axis Bold As Love R 6281 LP (g), thumbnail_release88_250852541643.jpg
USD 9.64 auction2399
Jimi Hendrix Experience LP Axis: Bold as Love   VG++/M-, thumbnail_release88_140584056312.jpg
USD 11.5 auction2593
THE Jimi Hendrix Experience,Axis Bold As Love 1968 NM , thumbnail_release88_130558432140.jpg
USD 26.0 auction2644
The Jimi Hendrix Experience Axis Bold As Love Canada LP, thumbnail_release88_320708283944.jpg
USD 16.21 auction1792
The Jimi Hendrix Experience REPRISE THREE COLOR, thumbnail_release88_140559405235.jpg
USD 49.99 auction1784
JIMI HENDRIX - AXIS BOLD AS LOVE - ON REPRISE, thumbnail_release88_150586656128.jpg
USD 27.84 auction482
Jimi Hendrix Axis: Bold As Love + 8 X 10 B & W Photo, thumbnail_release88_170621093508.jpg
USD 6.0 auction211
Jimi Hendrix Album Axis: Bold As Love Reprise R RS 6281, thumbnail_release88_230600264954.jpg
USD 8.5 auction72
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Reprise - R 6281

Axis: Bold As Love

Axis: Bold As Love,
Axis: Bold As Love,

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
Reprise R 6281

General info

Date released: 1968
Country released: USA
Release type: LP (12")

Value indication

last updated:
102 auction(s)
17 sale(s)
popularity: 17%

$ 2025.00 max value
$ 4.70 min value
$ 153.01 avg value


Publisher: Reprise
Cover design: