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Band Of Gypsys, release: 0920221

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JIMI HENDRIX-LP-BAND OF GYPSYS-FRENCH 1ST PRESS-BARCLAY-0920221, thumbnail_release77_163198932444.jpg
USD 28.93 auction24177
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JIMI HENDRIX BAND OF GYPSYS LP 1970 1st FRENCH BARCLAY RARE UNIQUE COVER VGC/EX, thumbnail_release77_370709733151.jpg
USD 33.98 auction6717
JIMI HENDRIX Band Of Gypsies 1970 FRENCH TOPRARE ORIG PSYCH LP BARCLAY 0920221, thumbnail_release77_170919775225.jpg
USD 20.53 auction6273
JIMI HENDRIX Band Of Gypsies 1970 FRENCH TOPRARE PSYCH LP DIFF!! BARCLAY 0920221, thumbnail_release77_170919778656.jpg
USD 20.53 auction6274
HENDRIX X 2 LP (Band of gypies / Hendrix '66) lam. sleeves Vinyls EX- and EX!!, thumbnail_release77_163486597349.jpg
USD 16.55 auction24423
33t  jimi hendrix  band of gypsys   0920221   biem   barclay    rare, thumbnail_release77_270989173668.jpg
USD 14.96 auction5820
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JIMY HENDRIX BAND OF GYPSYS ORIG FRENCH BIEM, thumbnail_release77_110754003807.jpg
USD 13.69 auction3434
LP BIEM ORIGINAL Jimi HENDRIX Band of gypsys FRENCH , thumbnail_release77_200630327648.jpg
USD 21.3 auction2425
LP BIEM ORIGINAL Jimi HENDRIX Band of gypsys FRENCH , thumbnail_release77_200633917255.jpg
USD 14.19 auction2547
JIMI HENDRIX BAND OF GYPSYS ON BARCALY ORIGINAL FRANCE, thumbnail_release77_110628364020.jpg
USD 50.0 auction56
JIMI HENDRIX:Band Of Gypsys / FRANCE diff.cover LP M-, thumbnail_release77_200592128399.jpg
USD 49.92 auction325
JIMI HENDRIX rare FRENCH ORIG unique p/s lp BAND OF GYP, thumbnail_release77_200599735050.jpg
USD 72.79 auction897
Jimi Hendrix - Band Of Gypsys LP, thumbnail_release77_300540981668.jpg
USD 50.95 auction327
JIMI HENDRIX band of gypsys FRENCH OG BIEM ONLY COVER, thumbnail_release77_350456010020.jpg
USD 24.99 auction852
JIMI Hendrix* - Band Of Gypsys , thumbnail_release77_330551809573.jpg
USD 28.41 auction676
LP JIMI HENDRIX BAND OF GYPSYS, thumbnail_release77_250798735663.jpg
USD 9.38 auction474
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Barclay - 0920221

Band Of Gypsys

Band Of Gypsys, bandofgypsys_barclay_920_fr.png
Band Of Gypsys, bandofgypsys_barclay_920221.png

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
Barclay 0920221

alternative cat.number:
Barclay 920221

General info

Date released: 0000-00-00
Country released: FR
Release type: LP (12")

Value indication

last updated:
33 auction(s)
11 sale(s)
popularity: 33%

$ 33.98 max value
$ 1.87 min value
$ 14.22 avg value


Publisher: Barclay
Cover design: