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The Wind Cries Mary, release: 604004

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JIMI HENDRIX THE WIND CRIES MARY TRACK 604004 1967 UK 1ST PRESS EXCELLENT PSYCH, thumbnail_release18_163716591077.jpg
USD 2.53 auction24564
THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIANCE=THE WIND CRIES MARY  VG++, thumbnail_release18_372659601364.jpg
USD 1.29 auction24506
JIMI HENDRIX The Wind Cries Mary *M-* UK 1st press 45 from 1967 prog psych HEAR!, thumbnail_release18_333097757477.jpg
USD 14.99 auction24431
The Wind Cries Mary by Jimi Hendrix Experience 7" 45RPM single 1967 604004 *VG*, thumbnail_release18_323563699842.jpg
USD 4.44 auction24228
The Jimi Hendrix Experience The Wind Cries Mary/ Highway Chile 7” 604004 45rpm, thumbnail_release18_112627206561.jpg
USD 3.92 auction23555
JIMMY HENDRIX ~THE WIND CRIES MARY ~ 1967 ~ TRACK RECORDS ~ U.K.45 ~ HEAR!, thumbnail_release18_263226549055.jpg
USD 3.34 auction23442
JIMI HENDRIX-THE WIND CRYS MARY/HIGHWAY CHILE-UK TRACK, thumbnail_release18_132298884789.jpg
USD 2.56 auction23028
THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE 7" SINGLE 1967. 'THE WIND CRIES MARY.'  TRACK 604004, thumbnail_release18_131736335793.jpg
USD 1.39 auction22950
Jimi Hendrix Experience Are You Experienced US Reprise Stereo RS6261 + 3 Singles, thumbnail_release18_252294097116.jpg
USD 18.01 auction22951
The Jimi Hendrix Experience The Wind Cries Mary Highway Chile UK Original 67' 7", thumbnail_release18_361497497683.jpg
USD 7.0 auction22952
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JIMI HENDRIX The Wind Cries Mary 45 1st UK PRESS MINT, thumbnail_release18_251073922487.jpg
USD 170.62 auction5718
Jimi Hendrix classic Singles Collection Vol 2 Only 1,000 made NEW, thumbnail_release18_190786010539.jpg
USD 99.0 auction6951
Jimi Hendrix - The Wind Cries Mary / Highway Chile - V Rare Promo Sample 45, thumbnail_release18_290726956999.jpg
USD 53.33 auction5848
Jimi Hendrix Experience - 7 Original 1960's 7" Singles. Psych. Nice condition!, thumbnail_release18_201014865204.jpg
USD 49.13 auction12121
JIMI HENDRIX The Wind Cries Mary /Highway Chile MONO 45 VERY 1st UK PRESS MINT, thumbnail_release18_251266241122.jpg
USD 45.15 auction8028
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7" Jimi Hendrix Experience The Wind Cries Mary UK track, thumbnail_release18_130497967642.jpg
USD 56.06 auction285
JIMI HENDRIX  The Wind Cries Mary PIC SLEEVE 7" 45 NEW ,
USD 19.52 auction568
JIMI HENDRIX "THE WIND CRIES MARY" 1967 1ST PRESSING, thumbnail_release18_290551045730.jpg
USD 5.32 auction284
JIMI HENDRIX - THE WIND CRIES MARY 7" UK TRACK ORIG, thumbnail_release18_180648116107.jpg
USD 9.81 auction464
Jimi Hendrix   The wind cries Mary/ Highway chile, thumbnail_release18_180648641542.jpg
USD 8.19 auction463
Jimi Hendrix Experience - Wind Cries Mary. Track 604004,
USD 8.08 auction184
Jimi Hendrix Experience.The wind cries Mary.Track 1967., thumbnail_release18_110667092067.jpg
USD 3.25 auction283
JIMI HENDRIX THE WIND CRIES MARY NICE COPY, thumbnail_release18_230602212084.jpg
USD 3.19 auction282
JIMI HENDRIX  The Wind Cries Mary PIC SLEEVE 7" 45 NEW ,
USD 19.18 auction35
Jimi Hendrix Experience,The Wind Cries Mary,7", thumbnail_release18_110666098987.jpg
USD 8.0 auction280
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Track - 604004

The Wind Cries Mary

The Wind Cries Mary,
The Wind Cries Mary,

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
Track 604004

General info

Date released: 1967
Country released: GB
Release type: single (7")

Value indication

last updated:
180 auction(s)
74 sale(s)
popularity: 41%

$ 170.62 max value
$ 1.33 min value
$ 13.43 avg value


Publisher: Track
Cover design: