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Woodstock (OST), release: SD 3-500

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Woodstock 3 Lp Set, Vinyl Record SD3-500, thumbnail_release159_122684853790.jpg
USD 2.0 auction23323
Woodstock LP SD-3-500 , thumbnail_release159_162658381909.jpg
USD 7.99 auction23291
Woodstock 3 record set gold award seal nudes 1970 SD 3-500 LP Album RARE vinyl , thumbnail_release159_162652821838.jpg
USD 34.99 auction23218
Woodstock Soundtrack Original Triple LP 1970 Cotillion Records SD3-500 , thumbnail_release159_122663629524.jpg
USD 1.5 auction23178
JIMI HENDRIX Woodstock OST 12" Vinyl 3LP 33RPM VG+ Cotillion CLASSIC ROCK Stereo, thumbnail_release159_182727190541.jpg
USD 13.0 auction23196
Woodstock 3 record set gold award seal nudes 1970 SD 3-500 LP Album RARE vinyl , thumbnail_release159_162629207065.jpg
USD 34.99 auction23147
3 records WOODSTOCK "MUSIC FROM THE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK AND MORE"  SD 3-500, thumbnail_release159_331783875883.jpg
USD 9.99 auction22998
WOODSTOCK - THE LEGENDARY CONCERT - 1970 COTILLION 3-LP SET SD3-500 NM/EX, thumbnail_release159_361494981821.jpg
USD 17.5 auction22999
Woodstock: Music From the Original Soundtrack SD3 500 1970  N MINT VINYL LP, thumbnail_release159_191811449070.jpg
USD 2.99 auction23000
WOODSTOCK-Movie Soundtrack 3LP 1970 Cotillion SD 3-500 EX Condition, thumbnail_release159_222033724745.jpg
USD 9.99 auction23001
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Lp Album Vinyl Record Collection Elvis, Beatles, Kiss, Rolling Stones, Woodstock, thumbnail_release159_350910239120.jpg
USD 187.5 auction11052
SUPER RARE 3-LP  WHITE LBL PROMO = WOODSTOCK = 1970 Orig HENDRIX WHO AIRPLANE + , thumbnail_release159_370711516981.jpg
USD 123.61 auction6792
USD 122.5 auction8729
VARIOUS~VERY RARE SEALED (3) LP~WOODSTOCK~NO CUTS/BARCODE~1970 1ST PRESS~OOP, thumbnail_release159_251243920943.jpg
USD 104.49 auction7540
USD 97.9 auction4531
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WOODSTOCK-SOUNDTRACK ON 1970 COTLLION 3LP *MINT-* HENDRIX +, thumbnail_release159_200689513326.jpg
USD 19.69 auction4400
WOODSTOCK - WOODSTOCK, thumbnail_release159_120825572021.jpg
USD 10.99 auction4338
WOODSTOCK - WOODSTOCK, thumbnail_release159_120826351715.jpg
USD 10.99 auction4340
*WOODSTOCK* JIMI HENDRIX THE WHO JOE COCKER CANNED HEAT 1969  3XLP UNPLAYED VG++, thumbnail_release159_250947031355.jpg
USD 6.0 auction4341
WOODSTOCK Soundtrack COTILLION SD3-500 NM 3 LP Vinyl Record Set JIMI HENDRIX WHO, thumbnail_release159_230708304251.jpg
USD 47.5 auction4183
Original 1970 WOODSTOCK Movie Program - and original 3lp WOODSTOCK Album, thumbnail_release159_270862323333.jpg
USD 52.24 auction4274
WOODSTOCK feat. Jimi Hendrix / The Who / Sly ,
USD 13.54 auction4302
WOODSTOCK - WOODSTOCK, thumbnail_release159_120815890253.jpg
USD 10.99 auction4118
WOODSTOCK - MOVIE SOUNDTRACK 3 LP SET - GERMANY IMPORT - HENDRIX, THE WHO, BAEZ, thumbnail_release159_150700707437.jpg
USD 10.07 auction4055
Woodstock LP Original SEALED Psych THREE LP's Jimi Hendrix THE WHO Santana SLY, thumbnail_release159_360408628853.jpg
USD 92.0 auction4054
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Cotillion records - SD 3-500

Woodstock (OST)

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
Cotillion records SD 3-500

General info

Date released: 1970-00-00
Country released: USA
Release type: LP (12")

Value indication

last updated:
644 auction(s)
220 sale(s)
popularity: 34%

$ 187.50 max value
$ 0.80 min value
$ 19.28 avg value


Publisher: Cotillion records
Cover design: