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The Wind Cries Mary, release: 60033

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JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE 1967 ORIGINAL AUSTRALIAN PRESSED EP CAT No. EPH 60033, thumbnail_release155_254068678014.jpg
USD 21.55 auction24430
QUEEN - News of the World - Vinyl LP 1977 - Rare Dutch Edition 5C 062-60033, thumbnail_release155_263198569169.jpg
USD 3.99 auction23326
BLUE CHEER LOT OF 3 LPS ORIG BLUE CHEER ORIG # 5 ORIGINAL HUMAN SEALED RE OH!, thumbnail_release155_372044688992.jpg
USD 26.0 auction23075
HAYDN THE VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QUARTET IWB60033 LP Dm5487, thumbnail_release155_272143248587.jpg
USD 0.99 auction22995
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Queen FRENCH misspress !! WITH BLACK STAINS ! GREEN VINYL LP News Of The World  , thumbnail_release155_200878572234.jpg
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USD 76.74 auction7637
Queen LP's 1974-1989 15 in total EXCELLENT! , thumbnail_release155_290939544475.jpg
USD 59.52 auction9164
JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE OZ. ORIG.EP on P/DOR INTNL., thumbnail_release155_160646090226.jpg
USD 41.52 auction2991
Oueen French Green Vinyl News Of The World LP, thumbnail_release155_182790326207.jpg
USD 40.48 auction23467
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Jimmy Palmer / Method of Dancing / VG++ SR60033 / Jimmy Palmer , thumbnail_release155_400334933002.jpg
USD 3.99 auction6467
JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE ~ 1967 OZ ONLY EP ON BLACK POLYDOR LABEL, thumbnail_release155_221109916823.jpg
JIMI HENDRIX “HEY JOE / PURPLE HAZE” 1967 POLYDOR EPH 600 33 RARE OZ EP + P/S!, thumbnail_release155_110882628557.jpg
USD 18.49 auction5659
JIMI HENDRIX EP The Wind Cries Mary/Hey Joe AUSTRALIA PS Polydor Int EPH 60033, thumbnail_release155_290665800555.jpg
USD 71.17 auction4820
JIMI HENDRIX EP The Wind Cries Mary AUSTRALIA PS Polydor Int EPH 60033 RARE!, thumbnail_release155_290638278445.jpg
USD 70.29 auction4197
JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE OZ EP 1967 UK PSYCH/ PURPLE HAZE, thumbnail_release155_190603198420.jpg
USD 14.58 auction4053
JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE 45 RPM 7" EP "RARE", thumbnail_release155_130583674830.jpg
USD 28.55 auction3413
JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE OZ. ORIG.EP on P/DOR INTNL., thumbnail_release155_160646090226.jpg
USD 41.52 auction2991
JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE EP OZ PRESSING RARE, thumbnail_release155_250884321479.jpg
USD 12.56 auction3045
JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE, Purple Haze, AUSSIE EP 1967, thumbnail_release155_120765066140.jpg
USD 18.67 auction2824
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Polydor - 60033

The Wind Cries Mary

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
Polydor 60033

alternative cat.number:
Polydor 600 33

General info

Date released: 0000-00-00
Country released: BE
Release type: single (7")

Value indication

last updated:
185 auction(s)
41 sale(s)
popularity: 22%

$ 99.99 max value
$ 6.00 min value
$ 24.84 avg value


Publisher: Polydor
Cover design: