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Birth Of Success, release: mfp 50053

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JIMI HENDRIX 'THE BIRTH OF SUCCESS' UK LP ---MFP 50053, thumbnail_release149_332504577294.jpg
USD 4.74 auction23723
JIMI HENDRIX  X 3 LP'S ---jimi hendrix--rainbow bridge &the birth of success, thumbnail_release149_332404353111.jpg
USD 6.53 auction23540
JIMI HENDRIX BIRTH OF SUCCESS UK LP  MFP 50053  .ROCK,,PROG, thumbnail_release149_172881695806.jpg
USD 2.95 auction23451
JIMI HENDRIX - Birth Of Success - '79 UK/Holland press EMI/MFP label live LP VG+, thumbnail_release149_232496040307.jpg
USD 9.99 auction23403
JIMI HENDRIX BIRTH OF SUCCESS UK LP  MFP 50053  .ROCK,,PROG, thumbnail_release149_172868284588.jpg
USD 1.34 auction23410
JIMI HENDRIX - BIRTH OF SUCCESS - EX/VG+, thumbnail_release149_381549067208.jpg
USD 6.92 auction22924
JIMI HENDRIX BIRTH OF SUCCESS 1973 UK PRESS MFP 50053  EX VINYL, thumbnail_release149_141911980543.jpg
USD 2.99 auction22992
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Lot of (18) JIMI HENDRIX vinyl - Live at Winterland, Kiss the Sky, Radio One++++, thumbnail_release149_140942846150.jpg
USD 142.5 auction7635
JIMI HENDRIX HUGE Lot of 11 Albums: Midnight Lightning, In The West, Essential +, thumbnail_release149_261186372367.jpg
USD 33.52 auction7408
Vinyl LP Records Job Lot 8 Vinyl Lp's  60's & 70's pop, rock, Folk, soul & more, thumbnail_release149_321129750834.jpg
USD 15.24 auction8531
JIMI HENDRIX Birth Of Success UK 1st Press Vinyl LP Record MFP 50053 EX/EX, thumbnail_release149_300913468916.jpg
USD 10.86 auction8630
JIMI HENDRIX BIRTH OF SUCCESS MFP 50053 STEREO UK PRESS ROCK GUITAR LEGEND 1970 , thumbnail_release149_151017726935.jpg
USD 9.99 auction7634
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jimi hendrix  birth of success 1970 dutch mfp lp ex ex, thumbnail_release149_360354577012.jpg
USD 13.21 auction431
33 record LP JIMI HENDRIX BIRTH OF SUCCESS HOLLAND RARE, thumbnail_release149_350448149112.jpg
USD 20.91 auction434
JIMI HENDRIX BIRTH OF SUCCESS 1970 MFP HOLLAND 1A 1B NM, thumbnail_release149_330541472897.jpg
USD 9.0 auction176
USD 7.37 auction427
Jimi Hendrix - The Birth Of Success UK LP RARE, thumbnail_release149_380328247771.jpg
USD 8.18 auction430
JIMI HENDRIX, BIRTH OF SUCCESS,1970,EXCELLENT CONDITION, thumbnail_release149_390302871165.jpg
USD 8.18 auction514
Jimi Hendrix - Birth Of Success (UK Vinyl LP 1970), thumbnail_release149_310302068177.jpg
USD 17.07 auction432
Jimi Hendrix Birth Of Success Psych Uk Imp RARE, thumbnail_release149_280651508972.jpg
USD 5.99 auction259
JIMI HENDRIX BIRTH OF SUCCESS 1970 MFP HOLLAND 1A 1B NM, thumbnail_release149_230603721956.jpg
USD 5.0 auction260
Jimi Hendrix, Birth of success, MFP 50053, 1970 Holland, thumbnail_release149_380325449092.jpg
USD 15.0 auction175
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MFP (music for pleasure) - mfp 50053

Birth Of Success

Birth Of Success, mfp-50053-front.png
Birth Of Success, mfp-50053-back.png

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
MFP (music for pleasure) mfp 50053

General info

Date released: 00001970
Country released: NL
Release type: LP (12")

Value indication

last updated:
303 auction(s)
40 sale(s)
popularity: 13%

$ 142.50 max value
$ 0.99 min value
$ 9.53 avg value


Publisher: MFP (music for pleasure)
Cover design: