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Midnight Lightning, release: 2310415

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Jimi Hendrix - Midnight Lightning - *MINT/UNPLAYED* 1975 UK Polydor LP, thumbnail_release143_261371295762.jpg
USD 51.16 auction12198
Jimi Hendrix MIDNIGHT LIGHTNING UK LP 1ST PRESS  2-3 PLAYS MINT MINUS!!!, thumbnail_release143_331078297417.jpg
USD 31.07 auction11671
Jimi Hendrix  MIDNIGHT LIGHTNING   Lp+ Schreibfehler auf Label    Matrix:2310415, thumbnail_release143_130620475365.jpg
USD 19.58 auction4426
JIMI HENDRIX~MIDNIGHT LIGHTNING~UK LP POLYDOR 2310 415, thumbnail_release143_190523188680.jpg
USD 13.21 auction823
JIMI HENDRIX - MIDNIGHT LIGHTNING LP - EXC+ A2/B3mtx UK, thumbnail_release143_400270493337.jpg
USD 10.58 auction4709
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JIMI HENDRIX LP MIDNIGHT LIG ARGENTINA_17957, thumbnail_release143_160559594624.jpg
USD 22.0 auction163
JIMI HENDRIX MIDNIGHT LIGHTNING  LP ARGENTINA, thumbnail_release143_180639545708.jpg
USD 20.0 auction165
JIMI HENDRIX LP MIDNIGHT LIGHTNING URUGUAY_18030, thumbnail_release143_180639863917.jpg
USD 20.0 auction166
USD 49.0 auction167
JIMI HENDRIX~MIDNIGHT LIGHTNING~UK LP POLYDOR 2310 415, thumbnail_release143_190518260509.jpg
USD 13.11 auction421
JIMI HENDRIX   MIDNIGHT LIGHTNING UK ORIGINAL LP, thumbnail_release143_260762542324.jpg
USD 6.54 auction509
Jimi Hendrix, "Midnight Lightning", 1975, UK, VG, thumbnail_release143_130504619028.jpg
USD 8.19 auction510
jimi hendrix midnight lightening, german issue., thumbnail_release143_220764188918.jpg
USD 4.92 auction511
JIMI HENDRIX, Midnight Lightning NM UK 1st press A1/B2, thumbnail_release143_350451272910.jpg
USD 40.06 auction220
JIMI HENDRIX, Midnight Lightning NM UK 1st press A1/B2, thumbnail_release143_350449359969.jpg
USD 80.41 auction164
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Polydor - 2310415

Midnight Lightning

Midnight Lightning, polydor-2310415_front.png
Midnight Lightning, polydor-2310415_back.png

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
Polydor 2310415

General info

Date released: 00001975
Country released: DE
Release type: LP (12")

Value indication

last updated:
60 auction(s)
11 sale(s)
popularity: 18%

$ 51.16 max value
$ 5.06 min value
$ 15.89 avg value


Publisher: Polydor
Cover design: