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The wind cries Mary, release: 59078

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Lot of (45+) doowop, rock, soul, rockabilly 45's & EP w/ steel carrying case!, thumbnail_release139_251378359790.jpg
USD 131.37 auction11306
JIMI HENDRIX The Wind Cries Mary RARE Norway 45 norwegian p/s Highway Chile HEAR, thumbnail_release139_331152744663.jpg
USD 61.0 auction13207
JIMI HENDRIX  THE WIND CRIES MARY/ HIGHWAY CHILE  "7" FIRST IT PRESS 1967, thumbnail_release139_121179224945.jpg
USD 57.67 auction10327
5x JIMI HENDRIX (experience) (Orginal, RAR!!) 2x singles 3x LPs, thumbnail_release139_200650450536.jpg
USD 36.65 auction3195
JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE The Wind Cries Mary GERMAN  7"PS 1967, thumbnail_release139_310750099410.jpg
USD 33.99 auction10325
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7" - Jimi Hendrix / Wind Cries Mary & Highway Chile, thumbnail_release139_270753163481.jpg
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7-Single-Progr.Rock-JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE-The wind...,
USD 28.42 auction2057
7-Single-Rock-JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE-Highway child,
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PROMO POSTER DOG DAYS Eclair Leo Millhi Riccotta BIG, thumbnail_release139_230650933909.jpg
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HOT! 100pcs Swarovski crystal #5301 4mm bicone Beads , thumbnail_release139_150639327527.jpg
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Blue multi-function folding shopping cart Alarm Clock,
USD 1.06 auction2551
JIM HENDRIX EXPERIENC -THE WIND CRIES MARY -RARE SINGLE, thumbnail_release139_370500635175.jpg
USD 2.19 auction672
7-Single-Progr.Rock-JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE-The wind...,
USD 28.84 auction671
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Polydor - 59078

The wind cries Mary

The wind cries Mary, polydor_59078_DK.png

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
Polydor 59078

General info

Date released: 00001967
Country released: DK
Release type: single (7")

Value indication

last updated:
64 auction(s)
16 sale(s)
popularity: 25%

$ 131.37 max value
$ 1.06 min value
$ 27.32 avg value


Publisher: Polydor
Cover design: