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Smash Hits, release: MSK 2276

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Jimi Hendrix Experience - Smash Hits LP MSK 2276 Columbia House No Barcode, thumbnail_release110_272973647283.jpg
USD 10.0 auction23627
JIMI HENDRIX - "SMASH HITS" RECORD (FOXY LADY,PURPLE HAZE), thumbnail_release110_122740967640.jpg
USD 0.79 auction23505
Jimi Hendrix Experience - Smash Hits LP MSK 2276 Columbia House No Barcode, thumbnail_release110_272870499055.jpg
USD 10.0 auction23538
Jimi Hendrix Experience - Smash Hits LP MSK 2276 Columbia House No Barcode, thumbnail_release110_272861313849.jpg
USD 10.0 auction23454
Jimi Hendrix Experience LP~Smash Hits~Reprise~Near Mint~, thumbnail_release110_401399306445.jpg
USD 9.99 auction23369
JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE - SMASH HITS ,MOD FUZZ PSYCH BLUES M-  , thumbnail_release110_372051435142.jpg
USD 5.99 auction23373
Jimi Hendrix Experience Smash Hits, thumbnail_release110_122678931818.jpg
USD 8.99 auction23236
JIMI HENDRIX Smash hits LP REPRISE no bar no cut SEALED 70s pressing?, thumbnail_release110_372059281174.jpg
USD 9.99 auction23208
Jimi Hendrix Experience - Smash Hits Reprise Records MSK 2276 Vinyl LP, thumbnail_release110_291692675325.jpg
USD 3.99 auction22982
JIMI HENDRIX 6 ALBUM LOT, thumbnail_release110_141910374053.jpg
USD 35.0 auction22983
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Hard & Classic Rock, 30 Vinyl Record Lot, Pink Floyd, Doors, Kinks, Hendrix, Zep, thumbnail_release110_121160634826.jpg
USD 188.25 auction9734
Jimi Hendrix, 5 Vinyl Record Lot, 3 Limited Edition, Numbered, 180gm Audiophile, thumbnail_release110_111100395522.jpg
USD 153.5 auction8931
USD 149.99 auction12450
Lot of (18) JIMI HENDRIX LPs - Cry of Love,Toasted 2LP  Ladyland(Nude) +Imports+, thumbnail_release110_140911201984.jpg
USD 122.5 auction7146
Hard & Classic Rock, 22 Vinyl Record Lot, Led Zep, Rolling Stones, Doors, G Dead, thumbnail_release110_121240663623.jpg
USD 112.5 auction12003
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JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE SMASH HITS -  HARD ROCK PSYCH, thumbnail_release110_270728782078.jpg
USD 9.99 auction252
JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE orig. SMASH HITS lp, thumbnail_release110_230604622917.jpg
USD 10.76 auction502
Jimi Hendrix Experience Smash Hits MSK 2276 Record LP, thumbnail_release110_290551569476.jpg
USD 0.99 auction251
JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE SMASH HITS ORIGINAL REPRISE VG , thumbnail_release110_190517000688.jpg
USD 4.99 auction250
JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE "SMASH HITS" LP, thumbnail_release110_170620831784.jpg
USD 1.04 auction201
JIMI HENDRIX Smash Hits REPRISE VG++/NM-, thumbnail_release110_310307002844.jpg
USD 9.99 auction127
5 ALBUM LOT  CLASSIC ROCK, thumbnail_release110_280649863910.jpg
USD 28.0 auction124
JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE  SMASH HITS   Reprise MSK 2276 , thumbnail_release110_170619645087.jpg
USD 2.5 auction125
LOT of (27) '60s-'70s PSYCH/ROCK/POP LPs Hendrix +++++, thumbnail_release110_140527228096.jpg
USD 57.0 auction126
JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE SMASH HITS ORIGINAL REPRISE VG , thumbnail_release110_190515308493.jpg
USD 4.99 auction123
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Reprise - MSK 2276

Smash Hits

Smash Hits,
Smash Hits,

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
Reprise MSK 2276

General info

Date released: 1978
Country released: USA
Release type: LP (12")

Value indication

last updated:
738 auction(s)
178 sale(s)
popularity: 24%

$ 188.25 max value
$ 0.99 min value
$ 15.40 avg value


Publisher: Reprise
Cover design: