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War Heroes, release: MS 2103

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Jimi Hendrix – War Heroes, thumbnail_release105_333213351577.jpg
USD 9.95 auction24559
Jimi Hendrix "War Heroes" LP, thumbnail_release105_362512862242.jpg
USD 4.95 auction24318
JIMI HENDRIX War Heroes ** orig. US issue 1972, thumbnail_release105_372296365407.jpg
USD 9.99 auction23992
Jimi Hendrix War Heroes Reprise Original MS 2103 1972 Sterling LP EX Condition!!, thumbnail_release105_182764615281.jpg
USD 2.99 auction23351
Jimi Hendrix  War Heroes    Psych   , thumbnail_release105_162672877179.jpg
USD 6.86 auction23361
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Jimi Hendrix Experience LP LOT 13 Electric Lady Land Are You Gypsys Axis ALL EX+, thumbnail_release105_221351091002.jpg
USD 159.4 auction12164
JIMI HENDRIX LP ( WAR HEROES )  BOB LUDWIG US Master NM, thumbnail_release105_190540125714.jpg
USD 79.95 auction1736
JIMI HENDRIX War Heroes ORIGINAL Reprise WHITE LABEL PROMO LP, thumbnail_release105_380721984506.jpg
USD 69.0 auction10283
JIMI HENDRIX -WAR HEROES,REPRISE,STILL SEALED!!, thumbnail_release105_400629552232.jpg
USD 66.99 auction11882
Lot of 9 Jimi Hendrix Records on Vinyl LP !! Axis, Electric Ladyland, etc, thumbnail_release105_251287317819.jpg
USD 57.19 auction8699
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JIMI HENDRIX War Heroes NR MINT ORIG LP ROBERT LUDWIG, thumbnail_release105_230622326146.jpg
USD 29.95 auction1440
Jimi Hendrix-War Heroes-Reprise 2103-WLP NICE, thumbnail_release105_200607049181.jpg
USD 79.99 auction1316
JIMI HENDRIX  WAR HEROES  1972  US  PSYCH LP  EX!, thumbnail_release105_110693504263.jpg
USD 5.99 auction1656
JIMI HENDRIX WAR HEROES ORIGINAL 1972 MS 2103 NEAR MINT, thumbnail_release105_230610123578.jpg
USD 9.99 auction779
Jimi Hendrix Vinyl LP Collection-Very Good Condition, thumbnail_release105_110674763398.jpg
USD 32.79 auction777
JIMI HENDRIX : WAR HEROES / SEALED LP RECORD 1972, thumbnail_release105_220770361663.jpg
USD 17.1 auction778
JIMI HENDRIX  'WAR HEROES' US WHITE LABEL PROMO COPY LP, thumbnail_release105_290555363840.jpg
USD 16.18 auction737
SHIGS Jimi Hendrix War Heroes Original 1972 Stereo LP, thumbnail_release105_130463309895.jpg
USD 6.99 auction99
JIMI HENDRIX lp WAR HEROES ORIG GOLD REPRISE MS2103 VG+, thumbnail_release105_290552449837.jpg
USD 6.99 auction533
JIMI HENDRIX War Heroes ORIGINAL LP ROBERT LUDWIG, thumbnail_release105_230561194432.jpg
USD 24.95 auction98
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Reprise - MS 2103

War Heroes

War Heroes,
War Heroes,

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
Reprise MS 2103

General info

Date released: 1972
Country released: USA
Release type: LP (12")

Value indication

last updated:
320 auction(s)
67 sale(s)
popularity: 21%

$ 159.40 max value
$ 0.99 min value
$ 17.18 avg value


Publisher: Reprise
Cover design: