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Hendrix in the West, release: MS 2049

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Jimi Hendrix "Hendrix in the West" LP, thumbnail_release104_362120432252.jpg
USD 4.95 auction23510
Jimi Hendrix  Hendrix In The West    Psych, thumbnail_release104_162659588058.jpg
USD 3.25 auction23271
1972 JIMI HENDRIX IN THE WEST VINYL LP REPRISE RECORDS MS-2049 , thumbnail_release104_192298134454.jpg
USD 5.0 auction23316
USD 19.99 auction23217
1972 JIMI HENDRIX IN THE WEST VINYL LP REPRISE RECORDS MS-2049 , thumbnail_release104_192291490759.jpg
USD 5.0 auction23233
Jimi Hendrix In the West LP Reprise Records 1972 MS-2049, thumbnail_release104_172830076781.jpg
USD 5.99 auction23136
1972 JIMI HENDRIX IN THE WEST VINYL LP REPRISE RECORDS MS-2049 , thumbnail_release104_192284810250.jpg
USD 5.0 auction23137
Hendrix In The West Jimi Hendrix MS 2049 Canada, thumbnail_release104_232446488790.jpg
USD 16.95 auction23057
Jimi Hendrix In the West LP Reprise Records 1972 MS-2049, thumbnail_release104_172815597811.jpg
USD 7.99 auction23058
JIMI HENDRIX  "HENDRIX IN THE WEST"  "MS-2049" (1972) LP, thumbnail_release104_291695167269.jpg
USD 3.99 auction22978
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Jimi Hendrix Experience LP LOT 13 Electric Lady Land Are You Gypsys Axis ALL EX+, thumbnail_release104_221351091002.jpg
USD 159.4 auction12161
JIMI HENDRIX~HENDRIX IN THE WEST~SEALED ORIG 1971 REPRISE LP~STUNNING, thumbnail_release104_161044563869.jpg
USD 104.49 auction8793
Lot of 9 Jimi Hendrix Records on Vinyl LP !! Axis, Electric Ladyland, etc, thumbnail_release104_251287317819.jpg
USD 57.19 auction8697
Jimi Hendrix LOT - Electric Ladyland - Band of Gypsys - STERLING RL - Bob Ludwig, thumbnail_release104_181117999942.jpg
USD 41.0 auction7830
Jimi Hendrix 7 Record LP Lot Are You Experienced Smash Hits Ect Original Vinyl , thumbnail_release104_160984967592.jpg
USD 34.0 auction7266
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SEALED Jimi Hendrix In the West ORIG 1972 Reprise 2049, thumbnail_release104_170619911423.jpg
USD 74.99 auction239
6 JIMI HENDRIX LPS -ALL GOOD CONDITION-1 BRITISH IMPORT, thumbnail_release104_130507609987.jpg
USD 19.95 auction694
Jimi Hendrix - In The West - MS-2049, thumbnail_release104_350452959324.jpg
USD 9.99 auction532
Psych Rock LP Stereo Hendrix In The West Reprise MS2049, thumbnail_release104_120705523057.jpg
USD 7.99 auction240
Jimi Hendrix - In The West - MS-2049, thumbnail_release104_350451143705.jpg
USD 9.99 auction215
***jimi hendrix**in the west**1972**vg+ vynl**, thumbnail_release104_200591442835.jpg
USD 7.95 auction195
4 JIMI HENDRIX LP'S, thumbnail_release104_260757803661.jpg
USD 19.99 auction95
JIMI HENDRIX In The West LP NM vinyl Reprise LOOK psych, thumbnail_release104_360354189230.jpg
USD 16.5 auction96
JIMI HENDRIX In The West LP, thumbnail_release104_120702538494.jpg
USD 11.01 auction97
Jimi Hendrix - In The West - MS-2049, thumbnail_release104_350449263526.jpg
USD 9.99 auction93
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Reprise - MS 2049

Hendrix in the West

Hendrix in the West,
Hendrix in the West,

Catalogue number

published cat.number:
Reprise MS 2049

General info

Date released: 1971
Country released: USA
Release type: LP (12")

Value indication

last updated:
458 auction(s)
89 sale(s)
popularity: 19%

$ 159.40 max value
$ 0.89 min value
$ 13.87 avg value


Publisher: Reprise
Cover design: