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Auction: Japan Apple 33rpm 12" Record With Obi / Beatles / Rubber Soul / EAS-80555 / NM

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Title Japan Apple 33rpm 12" Record With Obi / Beatles / Rubber Soul / EAS-80555 / NM
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Price USD 9.99
Japan Apple 33rpm 12" Record With Obi / Beatles / Rubber Soul / EAS-80555 / NM, thumbnail_release78_264337077806.jpg

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Japan 33rpm 12inch Record With Obi
/ Beatles "Rubber Soul"/ 2,500 Yen Price
With Liner & Lyric / (EAS-80555)







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I would not accept the complaint after you make a successful bid. I would not accept returned goods.
So, you must question about details before you bid.

Excuse me, if you do not respond within 10 days from successful bid day, I would cancel dealings. You should acknowledge that.

Shipping and Handling (worldwide)

Shipping from Japan
By SAL (No Insurance)
 EU $9 / Asia $8 / Other $11

To U.S.A. Bidder.
The airmail(sal) to USA is NOT $4.
It's $9.
I send an invoice after the end of the auction.
Please wait for payment till then.

 Normally, it will take 2- 4 weeks to arrive.
 I will accept multiple item purchases.

This shipping method doesn't make amends due to the delivery accident.
I also could not assume the responsibility.
I will respond to the consultation of the shipping method excluding this method.
Please consult me without reservation.

 (Registered +$5 / Air mail +$5 / EMS +$14 )


I accept PayPal only.

You may e-mail any question concerning the shipment & the item to me before you bid..


Service! Serviceee!!



NM : MY HIGHEST GRADE!!!! Vinyl is visually PERFECT!! NO scratches or marks at all (SOME CALL THIS MINT).

VG++ : (VG++ = EX+) ALMOST PERFECT!! Record has just a few faint paper sleeve marks that do not affect play. Visually they should be barely noticable under bright light. Very high gloss surface.

VG+ : (VG+ = EX) Record has been handled and played carefully. May have some very light paper marks or other very minor flaws that barely affect play. Should still play clean with little or minimal surface noise. High gloss surface.

VG: Record has been well played, has some scratches, perhaps some minor groove wear...which would always mentioned in the description. There will be some surface noise, but NO SKIPS OR JUMPS!! Still has most of the original gloss.

VG- : Record is fairly scratched, has surface noise, and lots of wear. Still should play without skips or jumps. Some original gloss remains.

G: Poor condition, may have a warp, skip, and lots of visual surface wear. Little or no gloss remains.


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Release Name Musique Originale du Film: Jimi plays Berkeley
Catalogue 80555
Sold auctions 100
Running auctions 37
Maximum paid $528.69
Minimum paid $3.58
Average paid $24.85
Popularity 65% of all auctions for this release were sold.