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Auction: Jimi Hendrix - What I'd Say - LP MFP 5278

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Title Jimi Hendrix - What I'd Say - LP MFP 5278
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Price USD 5.95
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I will always describe the Vinyl as accurately as possible - i don't always have time to to play the record so assume they have a bit of crackle and pop and may have some jumps/skips in places. I have been finding even the records that don't have scratches etc and look in very good condition do sometimes have a few jumps, so if you want a copy that doesn't you'll have to contact me and i can check it

Vinyl is in very good condition, has a few light surface marks and scratches,

Cover is in good - very good condition, has a bit of wear mainly on corners, edges and spine, a few creases too, see picture

The Labels are in very good condition

If you want to want a mint copy this is not for you, but it is a very good copy

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Release Name what'd I say
Catalogue mfp 5278
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Average paid $5.68
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