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Auction: Jimi Hendrix- "Smash Hits" LP WITH POSTER- Mint Vinyl!

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Title Jimi Hendrix- "Smash Hits" LP WITH POSTER- Mint Vinyl!
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Jimi Hendrix- "Smash Hits" LP WITH POSTER-  Mint Vinyl!, thumbnail_release101_153269956838.jpg

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     First, it is very difficult to photograph LP covers with very dark or black backgrounds. They reflect the light differently and don't show how the actual cover looks to the eye.
     The same goes for posters. They are difficult to photograph because they are reflecting the light off in different directions. So, for the cover and the poster here, I will try to describe them better than the images show them.

     The vinyl in this copy of Jimi Hendrix's "Smash Hits" LP on Reprise Records MS 2025 from 1969 looks Mint and it plays in Mint condition. The cover is in VG+ condition with some wear along the spine of the cover and some VERY faint ring wear. It's not as severe as you might see in the photo.

     The original owner took the poster and hung it on the wall. When they no longer wanted it on the wall, they rolled it up! When they displayed on the wall, they used tape- on the back only- and you can see one spot of several in the photos. It actually was not a bad idea to roll the poster up and store it that way. There is only one tear on the left side that was patched from the rear. Bottom line- the poster displays well. It was held up with tape on the back, which does not show at all, and the one tear was taped from the back and so that doesn't show at all.

     This is a 1969 original and it will be 50 years old in two months! The vinyl is still Mint, the poster displays well and the cover shows some wear!

      All the hits are here- Purple Haze, All Along the Watchtower, etc. Great sounding vinyl!

    Shipping/handling will be $3.00 Media Mail within the U.S. See my other records for sale by clicking "See Other Items."
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Release Name Smash Hits
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