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Auction: JIMI HENDRIX Smash Hits ORIG 1969 Reprise two-tone label stereo LP # MS 2025

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Title JIMI HENDRIX Smash Hits ORIG 1969 Reprise two-tone label stereo LP # MS 2025
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JIMI HENDRIX Smash Hits ORIG 1969 Reprise two-tone label stereo LP # MS 2025, thumbnail_release101_292784995216.jpg

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Jimi Hendrix
"Smash Hits" LP

Original 1969 USA stereo pressing.
Giant poster is not included.

Reprise Records # MS 2025


Looks strong VG (close too VG+) with a few light scratches and sleeve scuffs on each side that did not show up in photos. Both sides played well for me with excellent sound and no skips.

Has scuffs as seen in photos.
No seam splits.


Grading Scale:

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VG = 6 to 7.  Has moderate wear.  Scuffs/scratches are more noticeable.  Music still sounds fine, but you will also hear background surface noise in places.
G+ = 5 to 6.  Moderate to heavier wear.  Has surface noise, but should not drown out music or skip.  Might not be for serious audiophiles, but more casual listeners will still enjoy despite the flaws.
G = 4 to 5.  Heavy wear.  The vinyl and/or cover will have many scuffs, scratches and/or other defects.  Audiophiles should probably avoid.



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