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Auction: JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE - SMASH HITS - Original 1969 Pressing VG+ Record

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Title JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE - SMASH HITS - Original 1969 Pressing VG+ Record
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JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE - SMASH HITS - Original 1969 Pressing VG+ Record, thumbnail_release101_323297701039.jpg

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This is an original 1969 U.S. 1st pressing of:


            Warner Bros. MS 2025

The poster that originally came with this pressing is missing.

The record has been visually graded VG+.  It has been play-graded VG+ on both sides - very mild surface noise in a few places and a few soft clicks on one song. 

The front cover and back covers are VG with moderate ring wear.  See photos.  The inner paper sleeve has 1 seam split at the bottom.  There are no tape repairs.

I grade conservatively.  VISUALLY, if a record has 1 or 2 barely visible scuffs under good light, I grade it NM.  if it has more than 2 scuffs or 1 or 2 barely visIble scratches, I visually grade it VG+ or VG+ to NM (Excellent).   If the surface has many light scuffs or light scratches, I visually grade it VG.  i do not sell records if they have prominent deep scratches.  A less than NM outer sleeve will be described so you know what its defects are. 

I listen to each record to see if there is surface noise.  A record with very infrequent and very soft surface noise, static, or a few mild clicks, that can be heard in the dead space ahead of the lead in track of a side, or in the dead space between songs, and only rarely during the songs, rates a NM.  If mild surface noise can be heard during the songs in a few places, especially during quiet or low volume parts of the songs, the record is rated a VG+.  If mild surface noise can be heard throughout the record, I rate it a VG.  I don't sell records play-graded less than VG. 

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Release Name Smash Hits
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