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The Jimi Hendrix vinyl records price guide

Nothing sounds better than Hendrix on vinyl! We collect and show you the ebay auction results from multiple countries in order to provide you with the real value of this pressings. This way we determine what your collectible Hendrix records are worth! We provide information about all of Jimi's records ever released on vinyl in any country.

Jimi's own music on record (discography)

These bands are Jimi's own bands in which he could finally express his own musical feeling. Ranging from the 'pop-oriented' Experience to the deep funk of Band Of Gypsies.

Jimi as a bandmember on record (discography)

Before Hendrix became a famous pop star he was a very experienced session musician and travelled the 'chitlin' circuit with many (now) famous blues and soul bands. It was in those years that Jimi really learned his trade not only as a musician but a showman as well. In these years Jimi appeared as guest musician on many recordings. In many cases these records were re-released once Jimi became famous (everybody tried to get into the action of this world famous guitar hero)!

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